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Medical Cambodia

Meet Our Team
Dr. Sang Kosal (MD)   

Dr. Kosal graduated from The International University (Phnom Penh) in early 2012. Kosal has had extensive experience working in Kossamak Hospital (Phnom Penh) and currently works clinically at Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital (Kampot). Kosal also works as a medical translator for Medicorps. Kosal's exceptional English language proficiency, combined with his extensive and up to date medical knowledge, makes him a highly accurate author for medical literature in Khmer.

Yim Sovannra (BNurs)   

Sovannra studied nursing at the Technical School for Medical Care (Phnom Penh), graduating in 2001. Sovannra has a wealth of nursing experience, having worked in Calmette Hospital (Phnom Penh), Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope (Phnom Penh), The National Pediatric Hospital, Medecins Sans Frontière (MSF), the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC) and University Research Co (URC) as a Technical Officer for the Hospital Improvement Program. Sovannra currently works as a Health Service Delivery Advisor for GIZ Cambodia, in Kampot Province.

Phun Khann (B.Ed)   

Khann graduated with a Bachelor of Education in 2010 from Build Bright University (Siem Reap). Khann then worked as an English teacher in various international schools, as well as an interpreter/translator for a major non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Siem Reap. Between 2012 to 2013, Khann was employed as a hospital interpreter/translator, working daily alongside James Cook.

James Cook (BNurs, MPH)   

James is the founder of Medical Cambodia. James graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing (Honours) degree from The University of Manchester in 2003, and later graduated with a Master of Public Health degree. James worked as a registered nurse in both England and Australia, mostly in the emergency department. Recently, James worked as a nurse educator for 2 years in a major public referral hospital in Cambodia. After completion of his contract, and after recognising the need for educational materials in the Khmer language, Medical Cambodia was formed.

Dr. Andrew Clift (MBBS, MPH, MSc Infectious Diseases)   

Dr. Andrew Clift is medical advisor to Medical Cambodia. Andrew graduated with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Monash University (Australia) in 2000. Andrew has numerous postgraduate qualifications, including Master of Public Health, MSc Infectious Diseases and Diploma in Children's Health. Andrew has extensive experience in remote medicine, retrieval, adult and pediatric critical care, anaesthesia and international medicine. Andrew continues to provide clinical services in remote Australia, whilst making regular trips to Cambodia.

Dr. Ian Ferguson (MBBS, MSc in General Practice)   

Dr. Ian Ferguson is medical advisor to Medical Cambodia. Ian graduated with Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from University College London in 1993. Ian then undertook general practice specialist training and became a partner in his own GP practice in London for ten years. Ian moved to Cambodia permanently in 2012, initially working as medical director at The Lake Clinic, followed by medical advisor at New Hope Cambodia. Ian has now started his own clinic in Siem Reap, and is passionate about building links with existing medical facilities and medical NGO's.

Sam Tuck (Ba. Medical Radiations Science)   

Sam qualified from Newcastle University in 1998, and then spent two years working at The Royal Prince Alfred (Sydney). He has since worked in over 50 departments in Australia and the UK. Sam has recently spent 12 months based at The Children's Surgical Centre (Phnom Penh) teaching radiographic technicians, and has also traveled to many provinces within Cambodia to deliver radiography tuition. Sam prides himself on teaching radiation physics without jargon.

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